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bpi.stretchfilms continues track record of innovation with RIX12
bpi.stretchfilms has extended its range of pallet stretchwrap with the addition of another innovative product - Supreme RIX12. This new, highly versatile, multi-layer cast stretchfilm is aimed at customers employing semi automatic stretchwrapping machines. It allows these users to enjoy a number of advantages normally only afforded by more advanced, power pre-stretch machinery – in particular the ability to apply thinner layers of film which helps to deliver significant cost savings and a marked reduction in packaging waste.

Part of a new generation of downgauged products from bpi.films, RIX12 draws on advanced polymers and state-of-the-art extrusion technology to offer all the strength, loading holding characteristics and performance levels of a conventional 17micron (mμ) stretchwrap – but from a film profile that’s only 12mμ in thickness.

Being thinner more film can be wound onto each roll meaning that more pallets can be wrapped per reel. In addition to saving up to 25% on wrapping costs, more film per roll means fewer stoppages for reel changes which maximises machine and operator productivity.

Aside from providing impressive cost and operational benefits, the thinner nature of RIX12 also ensures a number of environmental advantages. As it takes less film by volume to wrap a pallet, less resultant packaging waste is created. Plus, this reduced waste is 100% recyclable.

Further green benefits come in the form of a reduction in attributable transport emissions. As more RIX12 can be wound onto a standard core, fewer film deliveries are required. This also streamlines administrative demands. Users can expect to spend less time on ordering pallet stretchfilm, on receiving deliveries and on processing related paperwork.

RIX12 should also prove an attractive choice thanks to a number of other benefits. It has a low cling outer face which ensures excellent wrap integrity (as wrapped pallets will not stick to each other and get damaged during storage and transit) and a low unwind noise, which helps to create a quieter working environment.

Another key attraction to RIX12 is its ability to contribute to better pallet presentation as goods move through the supply chain. Thanks to the cast production method used to manufacture the new product, it enjoys excellent film clarity. This can play an important part in maintaining an organisation’s external image as well as facilitating easier bar code scanning.

Commenting on the launch of the new product, Ausra Landey, Marketing Co-ordinator at bpi.stretchfilms said: “Pallet stretchwrap may be a tried and tested form of transit packaging but that doesn’t stop bpi.stretchfilms looking for new ways of improving upon this popular media.”

She adds: “We recognise that our customers are continually looking for any opportunity to enhance their competitive edge and environmental credentials at every stage of their operations – right down to how they package their pallets. It’s for this reason that RIX12 will prove a popular choice.”


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