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Wrapsmart Max – going to greater lengths
Leading pallet stretchwrap manufacturer, bpi.stretchfilms, has launched a new product which can help those using standard stretchwrapping machines to boost their green credentials, reduce costs and improve efficiency. Known as Wrapsmart Max (WSmax), this new generation, downgauged film draws on advanced polymers and cutting edge production technology to offer all the performance of a conventional stretchwrapping film but from a far thinner film profile.

WSmax users can enjoy the same pallet protection, stability and security achieved with thicker films but from a thinner gauge. This also means they use considerably less film by weight to wrap a pallet in turn creating less packaging waste. In addition, WSmax - like all of the pallet stretchwraps manufactured by bpi.films - is 100% recyclable.

Despite its already reduced thickness, WSmax can be further stretched up to 150% enabling users to achieve significantly reduced “wrap per pallet” consumption without any compromise on performance.

Further green benefits to WSmax stem from the fact that fewer film deliveries are required. As it is thinner, bpi.stretchfilms is able to wind more of it on to a standard roll. Each reel of WSmax actually offers an impressive 2800m of film meaning a typical pallet of 60 reels equates to a staggering 100 miles worth of film.

Aside from reducing vehicle emissions, fewer film deliveries also reduce administrative demands such as the need to order film and to process it at goods inward.

WSmax is able to improve efficiency in other ways too. Most notably, the greater length of film per reel allows more pallets to be wrapped with fewer stoppages for reel changes. This maximises machine and operator output.

WSmax is also remarkably lighter than conventional machine film weighing just 9.5kgs compared to a typical 17kg standard machine roll. This lighter weight contributes to increased ease of transportation and again, a reduction in associated transport emissions. It also improves portability and ease of handling on the warehouse or factory floor.

In addition, the edges of WSmax are reinforced during the production process. This provides extra strength and tear resistance whilst making the reels more robust and less susceptible to damage.

Commenting on the launch of WSmax, Louise Aplin, Marketing Manager at bpi.stretchfilms said: “bpi.stretchfilms has been a leader in the development and application of downgauging technology for some time. We have extended the benefits offered by the Wrapsmart hand film range to an innovative machine film version which literally goes to greater lengths to help businesses reduce their environmental impact, cut costs and improve efficiency levels – and all without any compromise on packaging performance.”


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