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Two brand new products. One IMHX stand
Leading manufacturer of pallet stretchwrap, bpi.stretchfilms is going all out to mark its inaugural appearance at this year’s IMHX exhibition in style. In recently revealed plans, the business has disclosed it will use its stand (Stand 18P5, Hall 18) at the high profile show for the logistics, materials handling and storage sectors to launch not one, but two brand new products.

“Our stand at IMHX 2010 is definitely going to be worth a visit,” explains Louise Aplin, Marketing Manager at bpi.stretchfilms. “Considering the event’s popularity with users of pallet stretchwrap, we’ve chosen it as the platform to launch two new and particularly innovative products. WrapsmartMax and Supreme RIX12 both represent major advances in film technology and allow users of standard stretchwrapping machines to boost their green credentials, reduce costs and improve efficiency.”

Part of a new generation of downgauged films, WrapsmartMax (WSmax) offers all the performance of a conventional machine stretchwrap but from a considerably thinner film profile. This ability to deliver the same pallet protection, stability and security of thicker films but from a thinner gauge allows users of WSmax to wrap pallets with less film by weight, in turn creating less packaging waste. Plus this reduced waste can be reprocessed after use, as WSmax, like all of the pallet stretchwraps manufactured by bpi.stretchfilms, is 100% recyclable.

Despite its thinner gauge, WSmax can also be stretched by up to 150%, enabling users to further reduce their “wrap per pallet” consumption.

Additional green advantages to WSmax come in the form of lower vehicle emissions. Being thinner, bpi.films is able to wind more product onto a standard roll meaning fewer film deliveries are required. Each reel of WSmax actually measures a remarkable 2800metres in length whilst a typical pallet of 60 reels equates to a staggering 100 miles of film.

The other new product bpi.films plans to launch at IMHX 2010 is Supreme RIX12. This highly versatile, multi-layer cast stretchfilm also employs the very latest in downgauging technology to provide all the strength, loading holding characteristics and performance levels of a conventional 17micron stretchwrap - but from a film profile that’s only 12 micron.

As with WSmax, RIX12’s thinner profile allows more film to be wound onto each roll and more pallets per reel to be wrapped. In addition to allowing users to save up to 25% on wrapping costs, more film per roll also means fewer stoppages for reel changes which maximises machine and operator productivity.

Further benefits offered by RIX12 include reduced packaging waste to recycle post-use, a low cling outer face which ensures excellent wrap integrity (as wrapped pallets will not stick to each other and get damaged during storage and transit) and a low unwind noise, which helps to ensure a quieter working environment.

Another major attraction is the fact that RIX12 is manufactured using the cast production method. This enables it to offer outstanding film clarity, contributing to enhanced pallet presentation and facilitating easier bar code scanning.

Speaking of the launch of RIX12 and WSmax at IMHX 2010, Louise Aplin adds: “We’re genuinely excited about our attendance at this year’s IMHX and especially considering we’ve so much to talk to visitors about.

“bpi.stretchfilms has a strong commitment to product research and development and is continually looking for new and innovative ways of contributing to our customers’ success.

“At IMHX 2010, we’ve every intention of demonstrating the strength of that commitment and of promoting some of the new products created as a result of our forward thinking approach.”


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